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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he knows when the world will end.

According to a Mayan prophecy, the world will end tomorrow, but Putin disagrees, saying: “I know when the end of the world will come. It will be in 4.5 billion years approximately. As far as I remember, it is he system of the functioning of our sun.”

Putting the minds of millions at rest, he continued, saying: “Everything will end and the reactor will go out – that will be the end of the world. But before that it will turn into a small white dwarf.” Well, that’s that cleared up then.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has also said that he believes the world will not end tomorrow, saying: “I confidently predict it will be fine. Mayans also said the Jubilee line would fail in Olympics.”

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief now. If Boris and Putin are saying the world won’t end tomorrow, why are we to argue?


Don't worry everyone, Russian PM Vladimir Putin says the world won’t end tomorrow
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