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Is it a bird, a plane, Superman, even? No, just a nutter in a wingsuit who wants to be the first to complete a wingsuited skydive without the aid of a parachute.

Gary Connery will jump from a helicopter on Wednesday from a height of 2,400ft, and then land on the ground without using a parachute.

He will fall for abut three seconds before he catches the wind and his suit allows him ‘to fly’, He will reach a speed of 80 mph before coming reducing this to around 50mp gliding speed, and a vertical failing speed of 15mph, before he lands in a field filled with cardboard boxes.

Connery, from Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, has already done 880 skydives and 450 base jumps. This new feat though, has him more stoked than ever.

“Now we have the green light, I can’t wait to go for it,” he said.

Let's hope it doesn't end in tears, like this.

Photo: YouTube

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Gary Connery seeks to become first man to complete wingsuit skydive without parachute
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