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Healthy holidays: Shaping up is just a bonus

Can’t be arsed with a whole week of punishing boot camp exercise? Choose one of these active holidays instead, and you’ll get fit without even trying.

Salsa Dancing

t’s no coincidence that salsa dancers always seem to have the firmest of bottoms and hardest of stomachs – all that spinning around the dance floor is a great cardiovascular workout.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading anywhere in Latin America, take in a salsa class or hit the clubs.

Burn it: An intensive 30-minute salsa dancing session can help you burn 300 calories an hour, so if you’re spending the whole night whirling around a club, you’ll be looking trim in no time.


Flying down snowy slopes by day and supping wine and eating pizza in cosy chalets by night ... sure, a typical skiing holiday might not be quite the thing for health purists, but you’ll find yourself racking up the exercise hours without even noticing it.

Lugging ski equipment around, trudging up steep slopes and of course the skiing itself are all sure to tone you up.

Burn it: Research shows that you can burn 422 calories an hour just downhill skiing at a moderate speed, while for cross-country skiers it’s more like 500 calories.

Snowboarders can expect to work off up to 630 calories per hour.

After all of this you’ll have earned yourself the right to tuck into a huge pot of cheesy fondue.


Plunging into some refreshing waves on holiday is the moment people dream about.

But pleasure-factor aside, it’s also a top toning exercise, creating upper-body strength and chiseling the chest, abs, arms, triceps and muscles in your back.

Burn it: Breaststroke is the best stroke for improving fitness, burning approximately 150 calories every 10 minutes if you really go for it.



Photos: Getty; The Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre; Leon McGowran; The Camp; Thinkstock


Boot camp holidays: Become a lean, mean fighting machine on an exotic 'get fit' trip
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