The three women, who were members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, an organisation calling for cultural and political rights for Kurds living in Turkey, were found with gunshot wounds to the head.

The killings happened in the Kurdish Institute of Paris.

“These assassinations are intolerable, and I hope the inquiry will make rapid progress but let’s allow the investigators to do their work,” said French interior Minister Manuel Valls.

“There is no doubt this was politically motivated,” said France’s 24 hour news TV channel i Tele.

The BBC reports that one of the women has been identified as Fidan Dogan, 32, a member of staff at the Kurdish Institute of Paris. Al Jazeera have claimed that sources in Turkey have confirmed that one of the dead, Sakine Cansiz, was a co-founder of the PKK.

Police have reportedly suggested that this was a planned execution.

According to Al Jazeera news, the Turkish government recently restarted disarmament negotiations for Kurdish rights with the leader of PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, who is currently in prison.

In May 2012, three Kurdish women were jailed in London following a ‘politically motivated’ firebomb attack on a Turkish coffee house in Stoke Newington.

Main photo: The flag of Kurdistan (Thinkstock images)