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If one of your new year’s resolutions is to ‘Be more adventurous’ you couldn’t make a much better start than by heading to Benin’s Voodoo Festival.

Dance to tribal drums, invoke spirits, dress in animal skins and watch the unique horse races. And, if you feel that way inclined, why not practice a little voodoo, too? 

Why: Around 60 per cent of Benin’s people practice Voodoo, which is the official state religion, so this eye-poppingly colourful festival is of major significance to the West African country.

Most of the celebrations are light-hearted, but there’s a dark side – look out for voodoo dolls riddled with nails.

Do it because: Bare-breasted dancing and gin-drinking are a big part of the festivities.

Yes... so far, sounds like Friday night at Walkabout.

But these celebrations kick off with a goat-slaughtering by a voodoo priest, not a round of Jager Bombs.

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