So don’t worry about work next week, or pretty much anything else you had planned to do at some point in the future, as it’s not going to happen.

Or, perhaps, just like the Y2K ‘glitch’ which never actually transpired save for a few people getting their video timer settings wrong, time shall continue to pass and nothing very much will change.

Real Mayans have been keen to stress that the end of the calendar does not necessarily mean that an asteroid is going to appear out of nowhere and obliterate us all, or that the undead are suddenly going to run amok.

Rather, it is more likely that a ‘transformation’ shall take place, although quite what this new change means is anyone’s guess.

Call us dissmissive, but we reckon the Mayans were probably like: ‘Hey, you still chiselling away at that calendar?’

‘Yeah, I’m like, 1100 years into the future.’

‘Cool, do think that’s enough now then?’

‘Probably, we can add on new years once we get there.’

‘Yeah… if we get there.’

‘If we get there! What are you like? Mayans will always be here.’

It is though, whatever happens, a perfect excuse for a party, so get the beers in.