A special double-sided screen will be floated in the middle of the River Lea, with a viewing bowl constructed on either side of the river’s banks so spectators can sit and enjoy the games, without actually watching it live in any of the newly-constructed sporting venues. 

There will be around 20,00 tickets to the Games village, with prices starting at £10. These were intended to acquiesce those who have been unable to obtain any of the 8.8 million tickets to the actual sporting events.

However the fees have come under criticism as it is the taxpayers who have footed the not insignifcant £7.25billion bill for the construction of the east London Olympic site. 

Tory councillor for the London Assembly Andrew Boff has said of the village tickets: “Londoners will be shocked at how much isn’t free. It is astonishing to be asked to pay to watch television.”

The London Olympic games begin on July 27. That’s 158 days to go.  

Photo: Getty