Wearing extra clothes on the flight
Over one in 10 (12%) have worn clothes from their suitcase to avoid paying excess baggage charges.

Weighing down hand luggage rather than the suitcase
19% have put heavy items in their hand luggage to avoid paying excess baggage charges.

Not buying the airline’s food
One in four (25%) have taken a packed lunch on a flight to avoid buying  in-flight refreshments.

Making lunch from the breakfast buffet
One in four have taken food from the breakfast buffet to be used for lunch.  

Taking the kids out of school
One in ten have gone on holiday during term time even though it meant the children missing some school.

Boozing on the balcony before going out
29% have drunk alcohol in their room before going out in the evening.

Lying about child’s age to save entrance money
One in 20 (five per cent) have lied about a child’s age to get cheaper entry to an attraction.

Stock up on drinks / ice cream from the local supermarket
45% have bought ice-cream/bottled water from a local supermarket instead of the more expensive, touristy small shops and kiosks.

Fibbed about it being a special occasion
Six per cent have said the holiday was to celebrate a special occasion, perhaps an anniversary or birthday, in order to receive a perk.

Complaining to get a freebie
One per cent have naughtily made a false complaint to get something in return.