127 Hours

Starring James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara

A film with the power to make people pass out is worth a butcher’s. As it turns out Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours is every bit as gross and shocking as you’ve heard – in addition to being one of the smartest and most entertaining biopics for a very long time.

127 Hours follows the misadventures of Aaron Ralston who likes living life on the edge, whether it’s mountain biking or clambering into dangerous places. One day Ralston’s luck runs out and he falls into a crevice, his arm getting trapped under a boulder.

Aaron Ralston proud of 127 Hours’ shock value
127 Hours amputation scene causes fainting fits

With time running out, the maverick has to make some tough choices about freeing himself. Many will walk into the cinema and brace themselves for the scene where Ralston takes a knife to his arm (which famously caused cinema-goers to pass out in the aisles) but what precedes it is every bit as engrossing.

As you’ expect from Boyle, the cinematography in 127 Hours is eye-poppingly vibrant, the director using everything from splitscreen to videocamera footage. Boyle also gets the best out of Franco who does a sensational job transforming Ralston from a goofy, cocky thrill-seeker into an introspective man who realises the folly of his ways.


Good for: Those with a sick-bag handy.

Watch the 127 Hours trailer here.


– Pierre de Villiers