There’s something oh-so-special about spending Christmas time surrounded by snow. If you are picturing yourself surrounded by snowflakes and twinkling fairy lights, then here is how to make your dreams a reality – we’ve selected the best places that can deliver you your ultimate white Christmas holiday in 2020

Take a look at the 14 most magical destinations to guarantee you a white Christmas. 

Magical White Christmas In Reykjavik, Iceland

In Reykjavik, Iceland, December is one of its most beautiful months of the year. Super dark, crispy winter days are hard to beat, with snow everywhere you look and warming Christmas lights to light up the nights. And of course, you can see the spinning aurora borealis (the Northern Lights) over you after dark, making for a more memorable white Christmas in Iceland. 

Enjoy A White Christmas In Lapland, Finland

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For much of the season, Lapland is plunged into darkness, with snow giving off a dazzling blue, accentuating the sparkle of Christmas lights in abundance across the whole area. You’ll hear the laughter of children on toboggan rides, and you’ll get to see the famous post office where thousands of children send their letters to Santa each year. Don’t forget to go to meet Santa too! (Apparently, there are two of them)

Christmas time in Glasgow, UK

Scotland is a magical place anyway, but Glasgow has some fantastic Christmas markets, a tremendous boozy atmosphere in the local bars with excellent ales and of course good selections of scotch. 

Salzburg, Austria at Christmas 

Salzberg is a beautiful place to visit in the winter. The snow enhances the scenery so much. Snow is tenfold improving the scenery. Being a part of this beautiful winter wonderland is a magical experience. The markets provide the perfect ambience for a stroll through the historic city centre. Mulled wine is served in souvenir mugs to tourists and locals; the mug is yours to keep after drinking. You can enjoy a skate on the local outdoor ice rink. It’s a winter destination you have to visit to see how great it is for yourself. Serving hot wine in a souvenir mug is a perfect idea. Locals love playing on the outdoor ice rink. Words are not fair — go and see for yourself.

White Xmas In Budapest, Hungary

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In the cold and snowy months of December and January, Budapest is beautiful, enjoyable, lovely and exciting.

December and January can be cold, or maybe even snowy. While the snow gets swept up quickly, in the parks or more it can be about 15 cm deep, which is perfect for those who love snow or have children to enjoy making snowmen. In Dec the average temperature varies between-1 ° C and + 4 ° C.

Christmas in London, UK 

London is magical at Christmas, you can ice skate in hyde park, take a cruise on the Thames, browse the shops and see Harrods lit up in all its glory. 

Visit the winter wonderland attraction, which if it doesn’t snow, will make for a memorable winter day and evening out. Don’t forget to taste extraordinarily fantastic food at the city’s world-famous food markets. 

White Christmas In Tromsø, Norway

Tromsø is one of the best winter holiday places to go for a white Christmas. With all those lights and decorations around during the Christmas season, Tromso becomes a stunning fairy-tale place to be.

The city lives in darkness in December as the Polar Night prevails: not a single ray of sun hits this corner of the globe. It’s magical! 

An Alternative Winter Escape To Crete, Greece 

It may not be the most obvious place to escape to at Christmas, but the island of Crete in Greece is a magical place to go. There are Christmas markets in the islands main cities of Chania and Heraklion. The mountains in Rethymno, Lasithi and Chania, are topped with snow, and if it’s not snowed on the olive groves near where you’re staying, then you can take a short drive up to the snow-covered villages and plateaus to have some fun in the snow at Christmas time. The bars and restaurants serve locally made Raki, Wine and delicious homely food which is sure to warm you up! 

New York City, USA 

New York City often has a snowy Christmas, and it’s also renowned for its excellent Christmas shopping. The big apple looks incredible. 

Moscow, Russia

The fashion in Moscow will blow you away, in front of the backdrop that is the beautiful architecture, Moscow looks like a place that is out of this world. Thousands of lights are installed throughout the city, particularly in central areas such as the Kremlin and iconic places such as Tverskaya Ulitsa and Tverskoy Bulvar.

Tallinn, Estonia 

Winter weather in Tallinn is very changeable, between December and March there is normally snow. In Tallinn, lake-effect snow occurs when the cold air masses shift from northeast to southwest over clear, ice-free waters on the Gulf of Finland. This often causes heavy snowfall (more than 10 cm of snow can fall in a single day).

Japan At Christmas

Although it’s not a national holiday in Japan, because only about one percent of Japan’s entire population is Christian, it’s still experienced all over the nation. When you’re visiting Japan before the New Year, you’ll find some aspects of Christmas that are commonly synonymous with the festive season including decorations, Christmas markets, and beautiful lights. You will also discover several special Japanese rituals with several charms that can and should be enjoyed on their own.  

Jasper, Rocky Mountains, Canada

Celebrate the Christmas season in the Canadian Rockies where you can also enjoy a wide selection of winter sports, a white Christmas and the local winter celebrations. Experiencing the snow-capped Rockies during Christmas is a truly magical experience. 

Andermatt, Switzerland 

Hit the slopes, go sledging, make snow angels, go ice skating and spend Christmas in the snow in one of the coolest ski locations in the world.

Wherever you decide to spend your Christmas, you can’t go wrong in any of the above locations.