Bubble bath martini

This Prohibition-style bar behind a Shoreditch kebab shop blends lychee, poppy seed and lavender-flavoured liquid with a touch of rose air to create a foamy treat, complete with rubber duck. 


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Squid Ink Sour

Co-owner of London Cocktail Club JJ Goodman tells us the squid ink adds a silky texture and irresistible saltiness to this tequila, agave syrup, lime juice and egg white combo. Garnished with a pickled shrimp, of course.  


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By the Blood on my Ginny Gin Chin

Battersea’s South Sider Cocktail Club provides a twist on the classic bramble, mixed with a beetroot shrub that’s injected into the drink via a syringe. It also billows clouds of smoke thanks to dry ice.  



Photos: Facebook; Dan Malpas; JJ Goodman