A protestor tried to attack Rupert Murdoch, after breaking into the

questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch by a parliament select committee

today. Murdoch Snr is said to have received a full plate of foam, cutard or cream in his


Apparently the attacker – a young man – tried to grab Rupert Murdoch from behind.

Murdoch’s wife Wendy boldly stepped in to intervene, whacking the intruder over the headand shouting, "I got him, I got him!"

James Murdoch appeared shockedas his father was attacked by the cream pie-wielding protestor.

A man was led away in handcuffs with some sort of white substance on his hands.

Debate was soon raging as to whether the protestor tried to throw cream, foam, a custard pie or shaving foam.

The hearing has been suspended, but Murdoch Snr is unharmed and continues to be questioned.

Watch Rupert Murdoch get a cream pie in his face here.