The met office has expected 40mm-70mm of rainfall in many areas of the UK. Gloucestershire Worcestershire, Cornwall and Devon have already experienced flooding and these severe floods may continue.

It’s been predicted that more than 800 homes and businesses have been flooded as a result of the recent bout of weather.
Met Office chief forecaster, Eddy Carroll, told the BBC: “The heaviest and most persistent rain into Monday is expected to be over parts of northern England and north Wales.

Cameron has assured victims of the floods that he will help clean up the damage caused by a month’s worth of rain in four days.

Sadly, there have already been many tragedies as a result of the weather. A 21-year-old woman was sleeping in a tent in Exeter and was struck by a tree. Meanwhile a 70-year-old man died in Cambridgeshire when he crashed his car into a swollen river.

Another man was swept away by a flood near Bristol, while in his car, last week.

MP Stephen Gilbert, for the Liberal Democrat party in Cornwall, said the government needs to make sure they have the right insurance in place to cover the damage.

The BBC reported: “We know flash flooding is increasing because of climate change and there’s now little we can do to stop it,” said Gilbert, “but the government must act to make sure people aren’t left without insurance when the worst does happen.”

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