Officials seized the largest UK's largest ever haul of class A drugs when they recently intercepted £300 million worth of cocaine.

Cokeheads throughout the nation will be weeping into their wraps at the thought of all that powder, originally destined for their noses, being destroyed by police.

And it was high quality gear, too, with a purity of 90 per cent. The 1.2 tonnes of the drug was found hidden

inside a 65ft pleasure cruiser at Southampton docks in June

Six alleged members of an international drugs gang were arrested in series of raids which also yielded £87,300 in cash, two Harley Davidson motorcycles, two firearms, a silencer and some ecstasy.

French authorities were origianlly alerted to the suspicious £1 million craft Louise while it was in the Caribbean in May.

It was  tracked to Southampton, on its way to the Netherlands. Officials spent six days searching the vessel and found the drugs packed in a specially-designed compartment beneath the boat's bathing platform.

The cocaine, which originated in South America, was smuggled inside the boat while it was in Venezuela.

Immigration minister Damian Green said: "This was a significant drugs seizure which was made possible by the co-operation of our international partners. UK Border Agency staff have shown vigilance, dedication and determination to uncover this shipment.

"Our efforts have helped bring an international crime gang to book and the message is clear: we will investigate and prosecute anyone who tries to smuggle banned substances through UK borders."