Though the slots are so popular around the world, there are a few myths about this crowd favorite that a lot of online gamblers still believe. So let’s go through some of these myths and debunk them. Here are 10 facts about online slots that you should instead believe:

A lever isn’t luckier than a button.

Traditionally, when you play slots in a casino, you need to pull a lever to test your luck. Online, you can play the slots by pushing a button. Some believe that traditional slots give you better odds at winning big bucks, but that’s just a myth. Both slots online and in casinos use random number generators to determine which pull of a lever or push of a button wins. It is also untrue that traditional slots have higher pay-outs. Again, your chances of winning depend solely on a random number generator. Winning through a slot machine, whether online or in a casino, is purely based on luck. 

Online slots don’t run on a sequence.

As mentioned earlier, both traditional and online slots use random number generators. Therefore, there isn’t a sequence that determines how many times you need to pull a lever or to push a button in order to win. Each round is completely independent from the previous spins and is not at all programmed to regulate your chances to win. This means that you can play for a while and lose a little before you hit the jackpot. But, at the same time, it is also equally probable that you will win twice in a row if the odds are in your favor.

Online slots can’t be rigged by players.

Because online slots are, well, online, some players believe that they can be rigged so that they will give more favorable results. However, online slots are heavily protected and encrypted. Unless you’re an expert hacker, you won’t be able to gain access to an online casino’s internal files or to take down their security systems. The stakes for tempering with online slots is also high—if you get caught, you may face serious criminal charges that result to jail time, depending on where you are located in the world.

Playing more doesn’t increase your chances to win.

What this means is that you don’t get twice as lucky if you play twice as long. Online casinos don’t record your play time or reward you based on how long you’ve been playing. However, if you play longer, say if you play for two hours instead of ten minutes, you’ll obviously have more chances to score a jackpot. (Look at it this way: Pushing the button ten times gives you ten chances to win. But pushing the button once only gives you one chance to win.) Remember the key thing about slots—they operate via random number generators.

Ready to test your luck? Keep these 4 facts in mind the next time you play at the slots.