If you get the opportunity to spend a few days on the Nile, be sure to sail on a felucca. Don’t be put off by the ill-informed stories you may have heard.

It’ll be too hot

It gets bloody hot in Egypt. The average maximum temperature in Aswan hovers above 40˚C in summer. But your felucca crew will give you a chance to cool off by swimming in the Nile. It’s not the cleanest river, but if you only swim in the areas where you’re told, you’ll be fine.

It’ll be too cold

You’ll be sleeping out on the open on deck and temperatures in winter can get down to single figures. But take a half-decent sleeping bag and a tracksuit and you’ll be warm as toast.

It’ll be boring

There’s not a whole lot to do, but it is very relaxing. There are about 10 people to each felucca so it’s a good place to get to make new friends. In the evening, you’ll probably drop anchor at a local village.

I’ll lose weight from food poisoning

Some people do get sick while travelling in Egypt. But only one person in our tour group of 30 complained of a mild stomach upset. The food is basic, but well cooked.

It’ll be uncomfortable

It certainly isn’t luxurious, but the deck is covered in thin mattresses which make lying about top notch. The biggest threat to your comfort is getting stuck with someone you don’t like or, worse, a bad snorer, so choose carefully.