1) Minimalistic typography

Instagram posts usually consist of fancy images or short videos. You get used to the movement and sound. That’s why texts with minimalistic fonts stand out from the rest. Promoting your brand doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to post videos and images. Even a one-liner or funny statement, contrasted against a minimalistic background, can work wonders. It’s a much-underrated strategy. Try it, and your marketing campaign can draw attention from thousands of followers.

2) Lifestyle photography

The most effective Instagram ads are the ones that don’t look like ads in the first place. Marketing experts recommend not using stock photography for all your ads. Instead, try lifestyle photography showcasing how your product fits in the daily life of people. This will help them understand the worth of your brand’s products. They will not think that you are trying to trick them into buying something. 

3) Swipe up feature 

How do you make your Instagram followers visit your website? First, you need to have a significant target audience. If you have yet to build a huge following, you can use a service like Famoid to help you gain more followers. Once you have an adequate number of followers, you can start uploading Instagram stories. But make sure you leave a swipe up feature in your story. The swipe up feature will lead the audience to your company’s website. 

Sometimes followers surf through the stories without spending more than two seconds on them. Your ad shouldn’t reveal everything in the story. Allow the audience to think before they swipe up.

4) Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos have become very popular these days. Why? Because customers want to see the product in detail before buying. You can make a carousel ad showcasing the unboxing of your latest product. Adding photos and taglines to the video will make it more presentable. Make sure you talk about the features of the product. Potential customers should understand why they should buy the product. 

5) Zoom feature 

Your target audience would like to be a part of your marketing campaign. You can use Instagram’s zoom feature to make them feel involved. For example, hide a word or code in your ad campaign. The viewers will need to zoom in the picture to find the word. Ask the audience to comment or DM the code. Lure them by announcing that the first fifty or hundred followers who answer correctly will get a discount coupon. You will notice a massive response from the audience immediately after the ad goes live.

You have enough opportunities to exploit Instagram to the fullest. Follow these ad hacks to improve your audience’s brand awareness.