Thousands of tourists will head to the UK in the summer of 2020 for one of the biggest events on the sports calendar. Sports fans are anticipating the Euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium and can get a bonus to bet on the nation they believe will win in the UK final before it kicks off.  

Many of the visitors to the UK head straight to big cities and attractions. London is the most visited UK travel destination while Glasgow, Manchester, and other popular cities attract millions each year as well.

The UK has many more great travel destinations to explore other than the usual locations. There are a number of great hidden gems and many of these should be on your travel itinerary for the summer 2020 holiday.

Loch Awe

Loch Awe is the third-largest freshwater loch in Scotland. It is mesmerizing with its beauty of green and blue. Situated in Argyll and Bute in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Awe is Scotland’s longest freshwater loch at an impressive 41 kilometers. Exploring the banks with rigorous hikes are sure to please travelers seeking outdoor adventure. The loch is home to the ruins of Kilchurn Castle, which romantically overlooks the water.

Margate Shell Grotto

The Margate Shell Grotto is a mystery of a place to visit as the reason for the construction of the underground passageway is still unknown today. The passageway was ornately built with 4.6 million seashells which line the walls and cover the ceiling above. One theory is the Margate Shell Grotto was built by the Knights Templar or the mysterious Freemasons. 

The Isle of Scilly

Situated off of the coast of Cornwall, The isle of Scilly is home to just over 2,000 residents. The islands are perfect for thriller seekers looking for watersports and outdoor adventures. The islands that make up Scilly are quite unique offering you a different experience each time you hop from one to the other. The island of St. Agnes is the UK’s most southernly point and provides some warmer temperatures than mainland Britain. You will find everything from tamed beaches perfect for swimming and surfing to wild landscapes for hiking and camping.

Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave is located on Scotland’s uninhabited island of Staffa. Its looks like something out of a film as years of erosion have formed what look like fingers at the entrance of the cave. The real excitement is inside where you will find a 227 ft cavern with incredible sounds and colours coming to life. Boat tours into and around the cave run regularly taking you into one of the coolest naturally formed caves on the planet.  

St. Michael’s Mount

While in Cornwall, a visit to St. Michael’s Mount is a must. Situated off the coast of Mount Bay, visitors can reach St. Michael’s Mount by a tidal walkway. When the tide goes out, a beautiful brick path appears allowing visitors to walk to the island. At high tide, the path is covered up preventing individuals from trekking back and forth.