When we enter college, we expect more freedom, fun, parties, and trips. Instead, we get more responsibility, homework, financial expenses, and other stuff we have to handle. While you can always send a request like «Can you do my homework for me?» to some professional services or academic writers online, you receive more free time to realize the goals college is aimed for: for example, traveling. All students have a limited budget, and it`s understandable: you have to pay your college loan, accommodation costs, and products. 

But you will be surprised how many places you can visit, even not having much money in your pocket. In this guide, we will discuss top student-friendly countries traveling to, which will give you terrific experience and not cost you a fortune.

Top recommended destinations for a tight budget 

Once you delegate some part of your homework to relevant services (just send a request, «Please, do my math homework for me online» to get quick help), you can think about the places you can visit on your budget. In fact, the world is full of affordable options you may consider for your student trip: even those countries that seem way too expensive. We have compiled a list of top countries that don’t require much money to enjoy your stay there:

1. Fiji

Many people think that islands are very expensive while it turns out that food, hotels, and local attractions are quite affordable for an average American tourist, especially with a student ID. Unlike most expensive islands, Fiji is relatively cheap: you can still try tasty seafood and enjoy beautiful beaches, not spending $1000 per night at luxury hotels. There are many cheap guesthouses, activities, public transportation and flights going to Fiji, so many backpackers take advantage of low-cost tickets and Couchsurfing services to save on their trips;

2. South Korea

Compared to its northern neighbor, this country is friendly and welcomes tourists from all over the world. In fact, it is one of the top undiscovered destinations: even though it has high tech, extremely tasty food, cosmetics, and other great stuff, it is still underrated among tourists. With the exchange rate of 1000 Won to $1 USD, you can afford almost everything: great drinks, accommodation, and nightlife advantages. For example, an average meal in one of the Korean cafes will cost you $7 including soft drinks;

3. Nicaragua

This is one of the largest and interesting countries located in Central America with many untouched beaches and towns with beautiful architecture. This place is known for over nineteen volcanoes and different islands, as well as cheap hotels and delicious street food. If you have always dreamed of surf Pacific waves and see sandy beaches of Nicaragua, college vacation is a perfect chance to extend your horizons and explore new places;

4. Turkey

This is not as exotic as Fiji, but is still worth your attention. Turkey is known for its famous all-inclusive and cheap offers: that means unlimited food and great accommodation. Besides, this country has a great history, culture, and beautiful destinations like Cappadocia. We recommend to visit Istanbul, try street food, attend a 1,5K years old complex and other museums (luckily, with a student ID you have great discounts). Then you can move to golden beaches and enjoy the Black Sea beauty and entertainment options.

5. Honduras

Have you always dreamed about the Maldives? Honduras is a perfect choice if you are looking for sandy beaches, beautiful nature, hiking, and cheap food and accommodation. All this you can get for $25 a day with an average meal costing $10. This place is fantastic to learn diving and surfing as well as enjoy the wonderful architecture of its towns with Spanish houses. We recommend to try local food like traditional steak or have a picnic in the park nearby.