We spoke to Optalitix, a team of AI developers to discuss 5 companies that are using AI effectively in 2020. 


Google were one of the earliest innovators of AI in a consumer and commercial sense. The Internet giant and its search engine algorithm is essentially a perfect example of AI.

For customers, it is the ability to constantly gather data and list suggestions of what people may be interested in.

For website owners, it is the ability to rank in search results according to trends, popularity, search queries and SEO techniques – which are all perfect examples of AI.  

The way that the search algorithms continue to learn and essentially run themselves combines AI and machine learning, so that they constantly get smarter and improve the full customer experience.


Amazon have previously used AI to provide better suggestions for customers, which is why you will typically see things like “other customers looked at” or “customers also bought similar products.”

This is an excellent example of AI and how Amazon has learned the patterns of customers and has given them new suggestions – and scaled it across millions of products worldwide.

In addition, their home assistants like Alexa have exploded in popularity in the last year and this is another instance of where a device learns your behaviour and preferences and gives you suggestions accordingly.

American Express

For a large credit provider who sees millions of pounds’ worth of fraud cases a day, American Express uses AI to detect patterns of fraud and then learn from this for future cases. 

Scanning through thousand and millions of data points, American Express is able to find fraud quickly and limit the negative repercussions. 


The well-known customer-relationship-management tool offers live chatbots for its customers worldwide. 

The use of chatbots is a clever use of AI because it learns what kind of things that people are asking for and then gives them answers and suggestions on this basis.

This is a low cost and effective way that companies can use AI and is something that is also available on a free version.


In the sometimes shady world of social media, Facebook uses AI for image recognition and to remove and detect any offensive images from being shown to the wider public.

Picking up on shared characteristics of images that are regularly banned, reported or deemed inappropriate, Facebook is able to protect their users and customers effectively using AI.