You can play online slots at NetBet with all kinds of themes provided by the best software providers, but those of you who are horror-themed slots enthusiasts will definitely be excited to have the chance to try one of the following top 5 scariest video slots.

The Halloween Slot by Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the leading game software providers and always releases the soon-to-be-most-popular slots that everyone ends up adoring. 

Halloween is one of those video slot games that will take your breath away – literally. It is based on a horror movie of 1978 about a psycho-killer and it really has some gruesome features. 

The symbols might be spooky, but are definitely worth the stress, as they are the high paying symbols. All of them are named after a Halloween thing, like for example, boogeyman and trick or treat bonuses. 

Psycho Slot by NextGen

This slot is based on an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece horror movie, so you know it won’t lack chills. If you’re a horror slot fan, you’ve probably played it already, as it is an extremely popular slot. 

The game has some really eerie symbols such as creepy eye looking at you through a keyhole, a spooky house, a murderer, a knife and the most horrifying of all, Marion Crane, the leading character in the renowned movie. 

Welcome to Hell 81 by Wazdan

Try the Welcome to Hell 81 slot and you’ll see what Hell looks like. Go on an afterlife gaming experience and get prepared to scream, as this slot portrays the most immersive details of the place we know as Hell. 

You will find symbols like witches’ star, the Devil’s number 666, a spell book and many other frightening symbols that will make your heart skip a beat.  

Happy Halloween by Play’n GO

Play’n GO is another highly-appreciated name in the list of game software providers, and when you try this slot you will understand why. 

You will be welcomed by zombies, witches, ghosts, mummies and a vampire, but what you should be prepared for is the adequate yet blood-curdling sound effects.  

Nightmare on Elm Street by 888

And finally, the most freakish one of all – the Nightmare on Elm Street. Again, it is a slot based on a horror movie originally aired in 1984.

You will find all the spine-chilling movie characters, blood-covered graphics, and playing cards, as well as symbols with ‘never sleep again’ written all over them. However, the worst is yet to come. You will hear a hair-raising voice, more precisely Freddy’s laughter, which will make your blood run cold for sure. It cannot get creepier than that. On the bright side, before you give up the idea of trying the slot, you should know that it has a huge progressive jackpot that you can win, that is… if you survive all the scariness.