These days, there are many ways to meet a partner, be it in the local pub or via a dating site like My Single Friend; but infidelity and suspicion often split couples up. In this digital era, there’s no telling who you might hook up with, but once you start a relationship how do you keep the flame burning for years to come? Here are five rules for a more trusting relationship.

1. Don’t flirt on social media

Believe it or not, Facebook is a top cause of relationship trouble with evidence from social media being used in everything from divorce proceedings to child custody battles. So, if you want your lover to feel safe and secure when you use the internet, don’t give them any reason to doubt you. It’s surprisingly easy to flirt with an old school friend or say inappropriate things via a message that you’d never say face-to-face, but if you acknowledge the temptations you might be able to avoid them and stick to friendly banter instead.

2. Don’t be sneaky

If you love Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms that’s fine, but make sure you use them openly so your other half knows you don’t have anything to hide. Never sneak into another room for a private chat or log onto your profile when you think your lover’s gone to bed. This is bound to evoke suspicion and you’ll only have yourself to blame. If you’ve got a habit of going to the bathroom or garden to speak on your mobile when it rings, remember that even if it’s completely innocent, it does seem quite underhand.

3. Be open and honest

Honesty plays a large part in any relationship, so if you’re going out for the evening or are popping somewhere in the day, be open about where you’re heading. Tip-toeing around and making secret (or seemingly secret) arrangements won’t do you any favours and might leave your partner feeling somewhat uneasy and suspicious. Everyone’s entitled to a little alone time, and pursuing your own interests away from your lover can even be healthy for your relationship, but keep things honest.

4. Avoid relationship faux pas

You might be the most innocent person in the world but there are certain things that can make you look like a cheat. If you’re already treading on fragile ground, avoid the following at all costs: coming home late with no explanation, smelling of someone else’s perfume (even if it’s from a friendly hug), using more than one mobile phone, having multiple sim cards, texting underneath your duvet in the middle of the night, or constantly checking your phone. If you’re genuinely worried your partner is cheating, here are six scientific ways to catch them out.

5. Don’t share passwords

While many people think sharing passwords proves they have nothing to hide, it can actually backfire and cause more problems in relationships. Once a password has been revealed, partners can become filled with a sudden curiosity that urges them to sift through their lovers’ correspondences, be it work emails, Facebook messages, texts or other forms of communication. Even if there are no secrets between you and your other half, the act of checking shows an element of mistrust which could damage the relationship you have, so keep your password to yourself.

Trust is of paramount importance and without it most partnerships fail, so it’s essential to give your other half no reason to doubt you.

Of course it’s fine to be friends with your exes, but if you’re sending them photos of yourself in the shower then don’t be surprised if your partner decides to throw your clothes out the window again. Follow these tips and a more peaceful and injury-free relationship won’t be far off.