Chandra is more than an inch shorter than the current holder of the shortest man living record Filipino, Jurney Balawing, who stands at a comparatively statuesque 60cm tall.

“I’m very happy that I’m being recognised by Guinness World Records and that my name will be written in the book,” said Chandra.

“It’s a big thing for my family, my village, and my country. I am very happy.”

Guinness has even gone so far as to declare Chandra the shorter man ever, after he surpassed the record held by Gul Mohammmed of India, who died in 1997 at 57cm tall.

Chandra, who lives in Rhimkholi, an isolated mountain village some 220 miles from Kathmandu, was brought to the attention of local media by a lumber contractor working in the area.

Chandra has five brothers and two sister and works as a weaver as well as looking after the village’s buffaloes and cows.

Despite his age Chandra has never seen a doctor and weighs just 2.3 stone.