According to lawyers, the young man worked 685 hours over two months. For his efforts he was paid $325.

This is the latest wage scandal highlighting abuse of workers on temporary visas.

When he confronted his boss, he threatened to report him to authorities for working more hours than his visa allowed.

This case is not unusual according to lawyer Giri Sivaraman.

“To date we’ve lodged nearly $1.4 million worth of claims,” Mr Sivaraman said to ABC News.

“This is probably Australia’s greatest employment law scandal. Reports suggest that it may be anywhere from $25 million to $50 million that will be owed.”

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is representing 60 past and present 7-Eleven workers who are fighting for back pay from the stores.

Back payments have started to roll in, and some employees have received more than $90,000.

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