The region has impressive weather and 700 islands. Probably, you have this information at your fingertips. You read them from the internet, newspapers, and travel guides.

However, some things are hard to discover without visiting a place. This aspect applies to the Bahamas. You’ll find amazing and surprising facts about the place that will make your tour exceptional. But how do you enjoy the tour? Here are some ways to get the best from your Bahamas tour:

Visit Nassau Island

When you get a Bahamas yacht charter, begin your tour at Nassau island. Nassau is a fantastic city that offers you a learning experience. You will get a chance to learn about the Pirates of the Caribbean at the downtown museum. When through with the learning, kick off your shopping tour on the nearby markets. Also, you can get some touch with history by visiting historical sites. Your tour on this island will inspire you to stay longer in this country.

Tour the Paradise Island

Do you love water sports and parasailing? Paradise Island has the best scenery for these activities. You’ll have a chance to take part in parasailing and water sports at the cabbage beach. If sailing is not your thing, you can opt for a swimming with dolphins experience. Paradise Island has an aquaventure water park covering an area of 141 acres. The park offers an excellent swimming ground. So, you’ll get an incredible moment underwater.

Swim at the Saniel Cay

After leaving the paradise island, Saniel Cay should be your next destination. The cay is a good swimming place that has crystal clear water. You’ll have a chance to swim together with the Exuma pigs. The experience is incredible, as these pigs are friendly and hospitable. Your moment with them will form unforgettable memories about the Bahamas.  

Take part in Bonefishing at Exuma

If you love the sea, bonefishing is an activity you should never miss while in the Bahamas. Exuma is a place for bonefishing activities. Here, you’ll take part in half-day bone fishing activities under the guidance of captains. They will show you some tricks of holding and realizing the bonefish. However, you may require a government-issued license to take part in this activity at some sites.  

Walk on the Queen’s staircase

Named after Queen Victoria, the Queen’s staircase is an excellent place to visit. The staircase is on Nassau Island. The carving of this staircase took place in the 18th century. Its purpose was acting as a shortcut to the fort when enemies attack the island. Also, you will learn the history behind it and take a photo for memories. The good thing is you’ll not pay anything to access this staircase.

Get a horse riding along the white sand

Imagine a horse ride in the white sand. In the Bahamas, this is not an imagination. As a horse rider, you will have a chance to enjoy a ride on the white sand. The tour will not end on the sand beach. When you visit the Happy Trails Stables, you will enjoy a ride inside the water. This experience is incredible and requires a good shot. So, do not leave your camera behind.

Join a winemaking tour 

You cannot leave the Bahamas without taking part in the wine-making process. Nassau Island has a winery located in an ancient church. The winery offers tourists an exceptional opportunity to make their glass of wine. You’ll learn all steps in the winemaking process. Also, you’ll get a chance to taste some wine. Despite the season you choose to visit the Bahamas, you can access the winery as it remains open throughout the year and only closed on Christmas day. 

Wrapping Up

In a word, the Bahamas is an attractive and exceptional travel destination. The region has an array of islands that offer a unique experience to visitors. Whether you love a water sport, swimming, or riding a horse in the water, the Bahamas will serve your purpose. Also, you have an opportunity to learn.

The place has a Pirate Museum where you will get information about the Caribbean pirates. The winery is another place where you can learn about winemaking. You’ll not leave the winery empty as you have a chance to prepare a glass of your one for the road. So, as you develop your itinerary, consider the Bahamas as one of the places to visit.