If so, autumn time will add to your woes – it’s the worst season for indoor insect activity. That’s why we’ve got 9 top tips to prevent an arachnid invasion. One for each of their eight legs and one to spare.

According to statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre there have been 3,752 insect bite related hospital admittances in the past 12 months.  So how can holidaymakers avoid them?

Dan Yates, who founded the lodge and pod outfit Pitchup.com, says there are ways to enjoy your break without fear of invasion by the eight legged fiends and their friends.

“It’s inevitable at this time of year that homes are invaded by spiders, especially females as they enter houses and other accommodation to look for dark safe corners in which to lay their eggs.  However there are ways to discourage them and stay relatively insect-free while on an outdoor holiday.”

So here are some top tips for keeping the little horrors at bay:

1. Ask for accommodation that is higher up as spiders and other insects tend to prefer lower ground , so pick somewhere on a hill rather than in the valley

2. Choose your pitch away from water.  Many insects are attracted by lakes, rivers and other non moving or slow moving waterways.  If there are small insects there, then spiders will follow – it’s dinner for them.

3. Bring lemons on holiday with you.  Spiders hate the smell of lemon so rubbing doorways and windows with a little lemon juice should work well

4. If it’s safe to do so, burning a little scented oil mixed with water on an oil burner is a good. Spiders particularly dislike peppermint, eucalyptus, citrus and lavender.

5. Keep your accommodation clean and tidy.  Spiders like nothing more than dark corners where they can hide and build webs.  A daily whip around with a feather duster or vacuum should do the trick.

6. Spiders don’t like vinegar so keep a bottle in the kitchen…..it also doubles up as a detergent or you can sprinkle it on your chips!

7. Cedar is a great deterrent for spiders – look out for cedar-made pods or lodges

8. Luckily you can also use some other natural seasonal items to eliminate spiders.  It’s said they don’t like chestnuts.  Spend an afternoon foraging in the hedgerows for these autumnal nuts and place them around doors and windows during your stay.  At the end of the holiday you can take them home and roast them for a tasty winter treat.

9. If all else fails why not turn fear into learning?  Buy a book of British insects and enjoy the fun of identifying your new friends.