The pensioner from Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast started travelling after his wife passed away 10 years ago.

His first trip alone was at age 85, when he took a four-day bus loop through turkey, taking in Gallipoli for Anzac day as he’d always wanted to go.

Wright saves every penny so he can head overseas every other years, staying in hostels and two star hotels.

He also goes to Victoria every year for the Melbourne Cup.

But Wright’s favourite place in the world is San Sebastian in Spain.

He said: “It’s such a relaxed lifestyle, you have the surf beach and the safe beach and nobody’s in a hurry.”

Wright prefers travelling independently and recommends it to other elderly travelers.

He said: “They should get away and do it independently like I’m doing it.

“If you have 20 people on a bus you get one bad apple and you’re stuck with them for 20 days. I can do it on my own much better than the young ones I meet in hostels.”

Wright says he won’t stop travelling until he gets “too old”.

The man previously thought to be the world’s oldest backpacker is 89-year-old John Waite from Melbourne.