What baffles me about London is you see thousands of people every single day, and yet I’ve seen the same person twice in one day before but in a different location. What are the odds? I’ve done it a few times.

London’s best-kept secret is that it’s one of the best places in the world to be a nosy people-watcher like myself.

When I want to chill out I go to the cinema. There’s a new-ish cinema in Bayswater called The Lounge, where you can either just go and watch a film or eat and watch a movie at the same time. I only discovered it a few month ago – it’s amazing.

The most interesting person I’ve met is my Nanny Beat, she’s been here 84 years, she’s seen a lot, knows a lot and is one of life’s beautiful people.

My favourite place for a drink is anywhere along South Bank. I love anywhere you can sit outside – even if it’s cold I opt to sit outside places, wicked views and so much going on.

For when you’re hungover in London, go to any London park, take a blanket, water, some sunglasses to hide from daylight and humans and then just lay down and chill out!

What gets me up in the morning is my job. I have to be up at 3.45am to leave for 4am to present my breakfast show.

My perfect weekend would consist of waking up, have a mahhhooossive breakfast, spending some time with my family and friends and then DJing in the evening.

The last naughty thing I did was hide on the floor in my house when someone knocked on our door because I’d just jumped out of the shower so I didn’t want to answer it. I got caught out, though, when our dog barked the house down, so much so that I had to get up from my army roll position on the floor and get her to be quiet.

Five words that sum up London: Exciting, but quiet if needed.