The letter was addressed: ‘To the occupier, 771800Streetlights NPDC Control Point 394, 9 Shearer Drive, Oakura 4650.’

Apparently Meridian Energy seemed to think that someone was living in the lamppost.

Clive Saleman was the unfortunate recipient of the strongly worded formal letter, as he lives at 9 Shearer Drive close to where the offending lamppost is located.

The letter threatened to cut off his power if he didn’t pay his electricity bill within seven days.

Initially, Clive and his partner, Libby were concerned, then perplexed as they realised that he wasn’t even with Meridian Energy.

Clive’s confusion worsened, and he began to wonder whether there might be someone living in the lamppost.

Just to be certain, he went outside to the light and knocked. No one came out to collect the mail though.

Ms Baker called Meridian to rectify the issue, but the representative continued to ask for the details of the lamppost’s occupant.

“I don’t think he was comprehending how silly the situation was.” Ms Baker said.

A spokesperson from Meridian stated on Wednesday that the letter was sent automatically and apologized for inconveniencing Clive. They assert that this is the first time they have sent a letter to a lamppost.

Budget idea #1297: Live in a lamppost for free electricity.

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