You have to give Travis credit, as he really has quite an imagination when it comes to getting his car back. Luckily his aspirations weren’t much higher though, and that it’s not possible to start a plane using a pocket knife in the ignition.

His destructive streak started when he tried to gain access to a storage shed where his car was taken from. After failing to get in through a smashed window he decided the best course of action was to set fire to some paper in a nearby toilet block. An admirable attempt, but it only caused smoke damage, some minor melting, and did not unlock the door.
If at first you don’t succeed… Well, Travis took his rental car to the Tender Centre in Nelson where he believed his car was being held. After smashing his way in with a sledgehammer he was disappointed to find his car wasn’t actually there. He left his calling card once more, by setting fire to some paperwork in the office, but it was in vain. His car did not appear. The fire then spread and caused a great deal more damage to property, including vehicles, which were stored there.

After watching the fire fighters take care of his mess he drove over to the Public Trust building and reversed into the front counter, causing $60,000 in structural damage. Good try, Travis. He also damaged his rental car.

After the series of failed attempts, Travis’ spree inevitably led him to the airport where he set into motion a final ditch effort to get his car back. He broke into a Sounds Air plane and attempted to start it using a pocket knife. While he succeeded in getting power to the plane it would not actually start.

Travis does know how to fly a plane, apparently, so it’s lucky that he doesn’t know how important keys are to the operation of one.

Seemingly with no other options available to him, Travis decided to retire to the Aero Club where he was eventually arrested. He then revealed his dastardly plan to police.

Travis has since been sentenced to four years in jail and ordered to repay at least 10 per cent of the cost of damages within five. It’s not likely he’ll be able to repay the entire cost of the damage though.

The judge acknowledged the seriousness of his plan, but had the last laugh when he delivered Travis’ sentence.

“Fortunately, your plan didn’t really get off the ground,” he said.

Thank you, Judge Zohrab.

While I’m sure Travis loved his car, in future it might just be easier to repay your fines.

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