There are five so-called escape rooms at Darling Harbour: forensic, the Da Vinci, justice, the garden and butcher’s burrow. The latter sounds like something out of a horror film and right up out street at TNT Down Under.

Expect to lose your mobile phone, to be blindfolded and led around in circles to cause disorientation, before entering the room. You’ll be handed a walkie-talkie just in case of an emergency situation.

The puzzles range from visual challenges to numbers and codes and items that you’ll stumble across in the room.

If you’re a lateral thinker and good at guesswork you might just make it out in time.

You’ll experience terror, tight, dark spaces and noises to throw you off track.

Have we sold it to you yet?

Escapism, Strike, 22 the Promenade, King Street Wharf, 2000, 10am to 10pm.

Price: $100 – $150 per team of up to six.