What: A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Where: King’s College, Cambridge

When: December 24

Held annually at the King’s College Chapel on Christmas Eve, this event has become one of the most famous carol services in the world.

It began in 1918, and has been broadcast by the BBC every year since 1928 (except in 1930), taking it into homes right around the globe. If you’ve ever heard your grandparents listening to a carol service on the radio around Christmas time, or playing a CD (or record) of some carol service, then it was probably this one.

Entry is free of charge to the public. The event begins at 3pm, but such is its popularity you’ll need to be in the queue by 9am at the latest.

Queuing early might seem like an ordeal, but to see and hear first-hand the sheer majesty of the Choir of King’s College, in the beautiful chapel, and to join the congregation in singing a hymn or two, will be an unforgettable memory of your time in the UK.

In case you’re wondering: the ‘lessons’ are nine short biblical readings about the birth of Jesus.

See www.kings.cam.ac.uk