However, you shouldn’t be. The kind people behind Grub Club (they’re done stuff like organising top-notch dinners in Tube carriages, stuff like that) have created an event called Bring Your Own Christmas.

They’ve got an apartment in Shoreditch lined up for Christmas Day, and all you have to do is rock up with a bottle of wine and a Christmas dish to share with everyone else. You’l be mixing with all sorts – from travellers that don’t know many people in town, to Londoners that don’t fancy a Christmas with a squabbling family.

If you’re Home Alone and all you have is a packet Mac n’ Cheese to offer, then don’t fret – you can chip in and they’ll feed you instead, thanks to the generous support of Hungry Chef.

Their website states that any Christmas traditions you want to bring along will be greatly welcomed, but soggy sprouts and Cliff Richard are strictly banned!

Tickets can be bought from the Grub Club website, and they cost just or £5 for those bringing along their own dish. All of the proceeds will be donated to Crisis – the national charity for homeless people.

Image credit: Thinkstock