We know you pretend not to love it, but your secret is out, as new research from Tesco Mobile has shown that a third of the nation posts a snap of themselves on a mobile a least twice a week – that’s a sickening 17 million new selfies every seven days.

Interestingly, researchers have also discovered that over 55s take more selfies than 18-24 year-olds, which means your parents are busted, even if they claim never to have heard of Twitter or Instagram (yeah, right).

Even politicians are at it these days, with Cameron and Obama caught on camera taking pictures of themselves.

If that’s inspired you and you’re reaching for your phone right now, here’s something that will wipe that pout right off your face – 56% of selfie snappers admit to taking a photo that went horribly wrong. Dropping the phone mid-selfie topped the list, with bumping into a passer-by coming in at a close second. 5% of respondents even admitted to stepping on a pet whilst taking a selfie.

However, we can’t stop you, so if you still think selfies are cool, crack on…

Image credit: Thinkstock