Forró (pronounced Foh-HO) is a popular dance known throughout Brazil, even more so than Samba, and can be dated as far back as 50 years. Forró is a sensual dance where partners move together in an embrace. Through expanding its popularity across Brazil, Forró evolved to become a rich fusion of dances, incorporating moves from similar styles like Salsa and Samba De Gafieira. The music of Forró is usually performed by a trio: an accordionist/vocalist, a triangle player, a bass drum, and its songs explore themes like love, land and friendship. Forró’s upbeat, playful style creates a laidback party atmosphere that’s perfect for dancing and romancing.

In London Forró has grown significantly in recent years. It brings together hundreds of people of different ages and ethnicities who share their love for the Forró music and sensual dance. The reason behind Forró’s widespread appeal is that its basic moves are easy to master, it has been described by some as “less competitive than salsa and less pedantic than tango.” It’s also praised for its warm, affectionate and open atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to dance Forró, at any age and in their own way.  

Forró London Festival 2016 will offer participants the opportunity to learn the dance and also try out their new dance moves at a number of Forró club nights hosted throughout the festival’s duration. With an already large Forró community in London the festival is ideal for those looking to meet new people through new experiences and get a taste of the vibrant culture. The festival is lead and organised by Carlos Andre, a Forro Instructor with over 12 years’ experience in teaching. He runs weekly Forro classes in London for beginners and advanced dancers as well as weekly events at venues like Guanabara. His work in the community has earned him awards for Best UK Forro Teacher (2010 & 2011).

The popular Brazilian Dance Festival returns to London for its 5th year, February 25-28 at various locations.