The million-selling South African rockers took their name from the Veruca Salt song of the same name but have never recorded it before. Until now, with the single featuring on a new retrospective that they’re taking on the road. The band loved the Nineties alt-rockers Veruca Salt so much they named their band after their 1994 hit single but have since made a name all of their own though as alternative rockers of some repute. They burst on to the scene back in the early Noughties and have clocked up no fewer than 11 number one hit singles in their native homeland as well as millions of albums sold around the world.

“Thirteen years ago when a demo of Needles [the band’s early calling card] came roaring through our speakers and tearing down our hallways, we knew greatness was at our fingertips,” says Ed Vetri, President and CEO of Wind-Up Record who brought Seether to the world. And his early enthusiasm for the band has paid dividends, as fans around the globe will attest.

This tour though sees the band in a new light, stripping back the distortion laced power chords and driving rhythms that have characterised their output, for a more gentle and pensive acoustic take on their back catalogue. Rather than roaring out of the speakers, as Ventri recalls of his early introduction to the band, they will be playing an intimate night that will see their 11 number ones and more performed in a whole new light. It’s sure to be a show that will delight fans of the band who will get to see them in a different way.

£15, November 5th, 7pm

Union Chapel, N1 2XD

Tube | Highbury & Islington