Australia has plenty of eco-friendly volunteer opportunities. We sent ANDREW WESTBROOK to be a “vollie” in a remote part of the Northern Territory. But would the crocs be quite as charitable?

It’s when I’m strolling along one of[Australia’s] most remote beaches in the baking heat, thinking that life doesn’t get any better, that I suddenly hear the voice in my head.

The voice in question belongs to my team leader Louise, and is saying in frenzied repeat mode: “Don’t go near the water, don’t go near the water.”

I chuckle to myself about her seemingly over-zealous croc warnings, take in the scene once more, and glance down.

Which is when I realise I’m completely surrounded by giant footprints. Whatever toothy local left them, it’s clearly huge, was here not long ago and would love nothing more than to chew on me for a bit. Gulp.

Convinced a man-eating beast lurks behind every bush, and with the suddenly terrifying thought that the nearest doctor able to sew an arm back on is via an airstrip several hours drive away, I warily escape back to the track, luckily with all my limbs attached.

This is my welcome to the Cobourg Peninsula, an area so off the beaten track that rarely do the rangers have to worry about exceeding their limit of only letting in a handful of tourist cars a day.