The 67-year-old, calling herself Gloria, rang a talkback radio session to confront Tony Abbott about the effect of the budget on OAPs. She subsidises her pension by working for a telephone sex line, and asked the PM how he would react if his grandmother did the same.

His saucy, not-too-subtle wink went viral on social media and flung Gloria in to the limelight. She told ABC in Melbourne: “It’s been pretty hectic and overwhelming”.

During her shifts on the phone line, Gloria earns 50c per minute. Her most lucrative fortnight made her $250, but more often, she’ll rake in less than $100. Now that her real name has been released, she’s concerned that clients will find out where she lives.

Media furore aside, Gloria believes that the focus should return to the politics at hand: “The wink and the sleaze were pretty bad, but that’s a momentary thing. If the budget goes through it’s going to affect a lot people for a long, long time.”

Surprisingly enough, Tony still hasn’t answered her question.

Image credit: Getty