The dark blue size 36 Midas pump is in the possession of Aboriginal elder Pat Eatock, who says Gillard should collect it in a week or it will be sold on ebay.

Ms Eatock, 75, who was the first Aboriginal woman to run for election in Parliament, said: “I see it sitting like Cinderella’s shoe in a glass case in a museum 10 years from now as this is part of the history of race relations in Australia.”

Yesterday a protest was sparked yesterday after the opposition leader Tony Abbot suggested that a 40-year-old makeshift Aboriginal tent embassy was no longer relevant.

Gillard and Abbot had to escorted to safety by riot police as an angry mob of around 100-200 people gathered outside an Australia Day event in a Canberra restaurant.

Gillard tripped and lost her shoe as she was ushered by police to a waiting car.

Today unrest continued, as protesters burnt an Australian flag outside Parliament House in Canberra.

Indigenous leaders have demanded calm and called the violence, which they blame on a “splinter group”, a disgrace.