What’s all this then?

You obviously have a thirst for travel. Thinking about visiting Australia, New Zealand and Fiji – whether it be for weeks, months or, better still, years – is without doubt a sign of an intrepid explorer. You see, these are exciting times. Recent visa changes mean you can now travel and work longer (depending on the type of job you do, you can stay for up to four years in Australia and New Zealand).

Being the brainy person that you are, you probably have a lot of questions about your prospective trip. Which is where we come in. See, we know about stuff… fact.

Who the bloody hell are we?

What qualifies us to make such a bold claim? Well, we’re travellers ourselves, who once pondered the same questions you are now; then got on a plane, had the time of our lives and never came back. Now we’re based on the other side of the world, writing guides, books and magazines – and still travelling – to help others, like you, have the best possible time.

We have a London office, which produces a free weekly magazine – TNT Magazine – which is the leading independent travel magazine in the UK.

Our Sydney office also produces a weekly magazine covering the Australian continent and a bi-monthly edition for New Zealand. We hope they will become your travel bibles when you get here.

It is this knowledge and experience that has been poured into The Independent Travellers’Guide (ITG).

Navigating the ITG

ITG is divided into two main sections: Australia and New Zealand. Each has accompanying sections holding useful information about transport, finding work and accommodation.

The first section, Australia, details all you need to know about the vast sun-baked country; a state-by-state rundown on what to see and do, the 10 ultimate spots to visit in each, everything you need to know about the major cities, crucial visa facts, what events are on, maps, health information, some history and background on Australia and even a page on how to understand them ‘Stralians (they don’t ‘alf talk weird).

That’s immediately followed by Australia: basics, which explores all your transport options, work opportunities, accommodation options and hostel listings, studying options and plenty more.

New Zealand, the third section, looks at the stunning, adrenalin adventurer’s paradise across the Tasman Sea. It gives a brief history and background of New Zealand, plus information on getting there, a thorough guide on what to see and do, all the top spots to visit, outdoor activities, and lots more information you probably didn’t realise you needed to know.

New Zealand: basics includes pretty much the same as the Australian essentials section, except, logically, it’s about Kiwi country. There are a number of important things you should to know about this place before your adventure begins.

And lastly, wonderful as they are, it might be a little bit hasty to dash straight to Australia and New Zealand without stopping off on the way to click your camera a couple of times somewhere else foreign and fascinating. So we’ve got a small Before You Leave section with some info on potential stop-over destinations such as India, Fiji and Thailand with advice on booking that all-important ticket. We’ve also lobbed in a few “5-minute guides” to help you understand some Aussie and Kiwi idiosyncrasies.

From all of us at TNT Magazine, we hope you enjoy your trip to the Antipodes, wish you “bon voyage” and hope our ITG helps make your trip to Australia and New Zealand unforgettable.


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Photo: Tourism New Zealand