Gone are the days when you can happily waste away weeks on end on the beach without barely spending a cent.

No, now it’s all about finding somewhere inside and warm so you can get together and bitch about how nobody ever said it got this cold in Oz or why the Aussies seem incapable of facing facts and actually admitting they need to have heating in their houses.

But while everyone else is moaning, if you’ve got any accounting qualifications or experience then this is the time of year when you should be laughing all the way to the bank – it’s tax time, and everyone wants the advice of an expert.
“Candidates with proven ability and professional qualifications are highly sought after for both project and business as usual contract roles,” explained Emma Clark from Reed Jobs.

Indeed it shouldn’t be too hard to find a position as long as you have a recognised qualification, such as an ACA, ACCA or CIMA, are only partly qualified, or have even simply picked up technical reporting skills within a listed company.
“There are certainly significant opportunities for industry-experienced candidates who are unqualified,” continued Clark.

Explaining the nature of the Australian market, Clark added: “The finance sector in Australia is very similar to the UK, just on a smaller scale.

“The thriving economy has attracted a host of big name multinational companies, with many taking advantage of Australia’s proximity to Asia to situate headquarters here. All of the major industries are represented here, with particular strengths in resources, financial services, FMCG [fast-moving consumer goods] and professional services.”

And as a result of the situation still being “fairly healthy”, in spite of the recent mini turndown, there’s good money to be made.

“Temporary accounting roles in Australia generally pay well in relation to the cost of living,” said Clark.

“As a guide, part-qualified accountants can expect between $30-45 per hour, depending on experience.

“Newly qualifieds similarly can expect $45-60 per hour, and candidates with significant post-qualification experience should be looking at $60 plus per hour.”

Besides, it makes sense to improve your long-term career prospects while you’re down here. “Australia boasts a modern economy made up of both world class and local organisations. The experience you will get here will certainly sit well on your resume.”

Plus, once you’re earning good money and start thinking “hang on a sec, maybe I don’t wanna go home quite yet,” then why should you eh?

“Opportunities for sponsorship are relatively common if you are in the country,” said Clark.

“As the accounting sector is generally classified as skills short, candidates can be sponsored by an employer for up to four years.”