In search of adventure? Head to the Xscape centre to ski, sky dive and rock climb all under one roof. WORDS: Natasha Vuckovic

Getting a bit of adventure sports action doesn’t need to mean travelling for hundreds of miles to tackle the great outdoors and British weather.

There are plenty of adventures close to London that you can experience under one roof. And they’re almost as good as the real thing.

Indoor sky-diving

“It’s addictive,” says my instructor Jean-Charles, who’s taken his job at Airkix indoor skydiving at Milton Keynes’ Xscape centre to fuel his passion for this exhilarating, but expensive, sport.

In fact, lots of professional sky divers clock up hours of practice here.

The sky diving takes place within a 9m vertical tunnel where wind blasts at speeds up to 240km/h.

With my nostrils and lips flaring madly from the wind speed, Jean-Charles leads me around and then grabs my arm as we soar to the top of the tunnel, where he spins me.

While each flight only lasts a minute, it’s exhausting stuff and I’ve still got a grin on my face once firmly back on the ground. Addictive? Too right!

Indoor adventure rating: 10/10. You’re heart rate will be right up there, and so will you, literally.

How much? Beginner prices from £35 for two one-minute flights.

Where else can I do it? Bodyflight, Bedford, MK41 6AE (0845 200 2960).

Indoor rock climbing

As with the sky diving tunnel, people use indoor rock climbing walls to train for the real deal.

There are two climbing structures each more than 13m tall at Xscape’s Vertical Chill.

Climbing is hard work and you’re meant to use your legs to push yourself up rather than use your upper body, which will exhaust you more quickly.

After several attempts, I finally reach the top, stopping for a few moments to admire the view (I’m in an indoor mall, so it’s hardly nature’s finest, but I’m proud of my efforts to get there).

Indoor adventure rating: 7/10. Good, sweaty fun that’ll leave your muscles aching.

How much? £10 for 30 minutes, including gear hire and coaching.

Where else can I do it? Mile End Climbing Wall, E3 5BE (020 8980 0289).

Indoor skiing and snowboarding

The UK might not be blessed with great ski slopes but that doesn’t mean you can’t carve it up on British soil.

With more than 1700 tonnes of real snow at Xscape’s Sno!Zone and three slopes, you can ski or snowboard all year round.

During my one-hour boarding lesson on the beginner slope I stumble down more horizontal than vertical. I’m keen to get more practice!

Indoor adventure rating: 8/10. It’s no Verbier, but you can still get wicked speed.

How much? £31 for two hours. Lessons vary.

Where else can I do it? SnowDome, Tamworth, B79 7ND (0844 800 0011).

» Natasha Vuckovic went to Xscape, Milton Keynes, MK9 3XS (0871 200 3220; Trains run from Euston and Clapham Junction.

Other adventures close to London

Cable Waterskiing and wake boarding

Where: Bedfont Lakes, Middlesex.

Good for: Outdoor fun.

Getting there: Piccadilly Line to Hatton Cross then H26 bus to Bedfont Lakes.

How much: A two-hour session will set you back £23.

Go to:

Bungee jumping

Where: Bray Lake, Maidenhead.

Good for: Adreneline junkies who love to jump.

Getting there: Overland service from Paddington to Maidenhead.

How much: £50. Must book.

Go to:

Driving in fast cars

Where: Oxfordshire.

Good for: Speed demons: we’re talking Ferraris, Porches, Lotuses and the like.

Getting there: By car.

How much: From £59-£800.

Go to:


Where: Whyteleafe, Surrey.

Good for: Hop in a giant ball and roll down a hill. What’s not to like?

Getting there: 10 minutes from Whyteleafe station.

How much: £50 for two.

Go to: