The spine chilling after dark special is for adults only and is bound to give even the bravest visitors a fright.

Join Inspector Abberline from London as he goes in pursuit of the gruesome killer, after fresh victims have washed up on the shores of Blackpool. But watch your back, the Ripper won’t be far behind you. 

Take a journey on to the mortuary to learn all about the grisly details of the Jack the Ripper murders, before running for your life through the terrifying mirror maze as the ripper attempts to claim his next victim.

 Finish the journey in the Hangman’s Tavern, where you can enjoy a bloody Mary, included in the ticket charge.

 Step into the home of Halloween at the Blackpool tower dungeon, it looks like a lot of ghoulish fun.

Friday 30 October and Saturday 31 October 2015, every 15 minutes from 9pm – midnight.

 Tickets: £19.95 per person

 If you think you can brave the witches or are bold enough to find Jack, tickets for Home of Halloween and ‘Where’s Jack’ After Dark Special are available now online at