1. What course did you do at SubBass Academy and how was it?

I am currently doing the complete course but in the form of one on one lessons, because of my rugby training program and playing schedule. I have loved every minute of it. John the teacher is excellent and really makes learning easy.

2. Were you a complete beginner or did you have previous experience?

I had done some bits before mainly using a controller and Serato, but John started teaching me on CDJs and Rekordbox. so in that respect I was a complete beginner.

3. What compelled you to want to learn to DJ?

I am really into my House Music and have always used it as a tool to prepare for games. I love going to music festivals and always wanted to be able to mix good tunes. I am also a bit of attention seeker so the idea of controlling a room with awesome tunes that make you want to dance and feel a million dollars is a big draw.

4. What was the most exciting thing you learnt on your course?

I have learnt so many cool things it’s difficult to pin point just one. Definitely nailing beat matching was a fun achievement for me.

5: Is there anything you struggled with on the course?

I have struggled to practice in my own time and make the advancements that I personally want. When you are top of your game in one area i.e. rugby, it’s hard to be rubbish in something else. However I am supper competitive so I’m confident I will get better.

6. Secretly would you like to hang up your boots and become a superstar DJ?

I am pretty happy playing rugby, but I would love to DJ in my spare time and start doing gigs. It’s really a fun hobby of mine. I don’t think I’ll be the next Martin Garrix any time soon though!

7. There are a lot of random Youtube video tutorials out there on DJing and Music Production. How important do you think it is to learn from an established course and from a professional tutor?

JH: I can’t tell you enough how important doing a proper course is. I spent ages going through Youtube trying to find lessons on how to do things but there just weren’t any decent organised things out there. Actually doing a course where you break everything down and have some steps to follow has been invaluable. I would recommend it to anyone.

8. Do you think there would be any similar pressures in the dance music industry that there are in the sporting world?

JH: I think whenever you are playing in the public eye whether that is sport or DJing, there is always pressure to perform. You always want it to go well, keep improving and obviously be as successful as you can be. We are all victims of people’s opinions either positive or negative.

9. What is the best piece of advice you have received that you think would be useful to any musician, music producer or DJ out there?

Learn your music and don’t become lost in how easy it is to amass lots of it. Keep up to date with all the latest music and do your research!

I have really enjoyed learning to DJ through SubBass. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get started or anyone wanting to take things to the next level.

Thanks SubBass!

James is currently attending SubBass on a bespoke DJ complete course.