Cameron voiced his condemnation of Burley, the is a Conservative backbencher who was forced to quit his post as a ministerial aide after he was pictured attending a Nazi-themed stag party last year.

Burley caused anger on Friday night for his bizarre comments about Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony.

“Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!” Burley tweeted.

He later claimed his tweet was “misunderstood” saying:

“I was talking about the way it was handled in the show, not multiculturalism itself.”

However, Cameron has distanced himself from the comment, saying: “I think what he said was completely wrong. It was an idiotic thing to say.”

He told the BBC: “People would have looked at that ceremony and said, ‘of course there are some things in Britain they have left out that I might like in’, but we all cannot be the art director of the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

“I thought it was a brilliant effort to bring it together, our past, our future and the vibrancy of the country and the incredible contribution.”

Meanwhile, the set of Boyle’s much-praised opening ceremony is being dismantled in time for the athletics events that begin in the venue in four days time. Not only does the set – which took three months to build – have to be taken down, the running track must also be made ready.

Charles Quelch, the general manager of the Olympic stadium, told the Independent:

He said: “The opening ceremony and athletics are the two biggest things at the Games, so getting them both right is not easy. This is the biggest challenge we face.

“I can’t say I won’t have some trepidation when we lift the cover off the track, but the ceremony has to happen and, if needs be, we can fix anything we need to before 1 August.”



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