Virgin Blue and Jetstar are waiving charges for passengers who want to defer travel to Bali because of a renewed terrorist threat following the executions of the Bali bombers.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has been warning young school leavers who are planning to have end-of-year celebrations in Bali to think again about their travel plans in light of heightened tensions.

“I welcome the news that Jetstar and Virgin Blue – two of the airlines that have flights to Bali – have waived their fees for travellers wishing to change the date of their travel to Bali in November,” he told parliament.

“I’m advised that so far as Jetstar is concerned, that the waiver of this fee applies for changes made in November to as late as September of next year.

“I again call on all airlines and the travel industry generally … to exercise maximum flexibility.”

Smith said the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade would be organising a meeting of its Smarttraveller Consultative Group and the travel industry.

The Smarttraveller website is where the government issues its travel advice for Australians heading overseas.

“(We’re going) to see whether more can be done to maximise the flexibility so far as changed travel arrangements to Bali and Indonesia are concerned,” Smith said.

Indonesia is on high alert for terrorist attacks and mob violence, with authorities concerned about reprisals following the executions of the Bali bombers on Sunday.