The comedian has apologised, amid death threats and hateful messages to him and his family, but insisted the vitriol comes from attackers who “do not speak for the dead.”

Davies, 46, accepted his comments were insensitive, and even tried to donate £1000 to Hillsborough Family Support Group as a peace offering, but insisted the reaction from Liverpool fans went too far.

He received abuse from people who “want to urinate on my mother’s grave”, and “who would take pleasure in seeing my wife sexually assaulted.”

He said those on the giving end should be “ashamed”.

Writing in The Times newspaper, Davies, star of Jonathan Creek and QI, said he had been deemed worse than a serial rapist or paedophile, and has received “menacing warnings and threats to maim”.

He added: “There is a loss of perspective and a distortion of genuine emotion over Hillsborough.

“Those attacking me with such hatred don’t speak on behalf of the dead and should be ashamed to claim that they do.

“At no point did I ‘mock the dead’, as I am accused. What I have been subjected to is alarming. Vile and hateful messages by the hundred. Death threats to me, my wife and my children.

“Menacing warnings and threats to maim. I am worse than a serial rapist, than a paedophile. And some people are rejoicing that my mother is dead.

“It’s difficult to contemplate anything I could say on any subject to generate a similar furore.”

The furore began when Davies said staging a memorial service each year for the 96 people who died in a human crush at an FA Cup clash between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in 1989.

He wrote: “The Justice For The 96 campaign is ongoing, but the reality of bereavement is not reflected in the staging of memorial services each year.

“The reality of bereavement is that the loss of a loved one is with you all year round.”

The aggrieved accused Davies of making the inflammatory comments to stir up publicity ahead of his upcoming comedy tour.

He aggravated the situation by joking on Twitter about disguising himself in a Harry Enfield-inspired ‘Scouse’ costume.

Margaret Aspinall of the Hillsborough campaign group received cheers from the memorial crowd at Anfield yesterday when she hit out at Davies.

She said: “When certain people made certain comments about Liverpool Football Club should be playing on the 15th of April, I am afraid that person wants to learn to keep his comments to himself and his opinions to himself.

“Because when comments like that offend and hurt so many thousands of people it’s quite obvious he has got nothing else to worry about in his life as what we have had for 23 years.”