Another hopeful was fired from The Apprentice last night, with business psychologist Edna Agbarha getting the chop after her team failed a junk removal challenge.

Lord Alan Sugar canned Agbarba, who insisted she did not deserve to go, instead pointing the finger at project manager Zoe Beresford, who was reduced to tears on day one of the task.

“In this case, Zoe should have gone. Her leadership skills were non-existent, there were no decisions and no strategy, she was quite shambolic,” Edna said.

“She fell apart by her own admission and Lord Sugar said she fell apart too.”

The candidates woken up and told they would have to wear steel-toed boots and high-visibility jackets, leading them to think they may be going to a construction site.

But in fact they were taken to Smuggler’s Way waste transfer station where they were met by Lord Sugar who told them their latest task would be to show them they could make money from absolutely anything.

The rival teams were given a tipper truck during the two-day challenge to make a profit collecting refuse to dump or sell on.