Next up on our action-packed agenda was an afternoon of sand yachting at Base Nautique. What a thrill that was. After a few collisions, numerous beachbound traffic jams and the occasional wheelie, we were well on our way to sand yachting Grand Prix-style.

It certainly wasn’t glamorous – more like we were about to fly a Nasa shuttle to the moon than scoot along a wet, sandy beach – but carving up the sand was a hoot.

A girls’ weekend wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory pampering sessions and the one that followed certainly scored marks for originality. Any girl who has experienced a bikini wax knows there’s nothing to be gained from shyness and the same can be said for some of the unusual hydro treatments at Thalassa Touquet.

My first treatment reminded me of something my mum always threatened to do when I got dirty as a child. I had to stand at the end of a room while a burly woman sprayed me with a high-pressure hose. For this treatment I was glad to have my togs on. Apparently the massage is better when you’re starkers, but I wasn’t buying it.

Sadly (or maybe not) I wasn’t given the option for my second treatment. On entering the room, a similarly gruff woman pointed at my swimsuit and said “off, off, off”. I wasn’t about to argue and it turned out the hydro spa massage was better minus the bikini.

From swinging through the trees and chucking wheelies on a wind-powered go-kart to being hosed down while half-naked, the weekend was a happy mix of dicey adventure and indulgence.

Feed your face
If there’s one thing girls love as much as pampering, it’s eating and Le Touquet is treasured for its tuck

Modern munchies
Le Ricochet (49 Rue de Paris) has a modern blend of Asian and European dishes and another good sign is its popularity with the locals. The sushi is superb.

Piggy went to market
If you’re after something fresh, like fish and farm produce, visit the markets in the town square on Saturday morning. They’ve also got some great clothes so you’ll be able to tick off another box on the girls’ weekend checklist.

Let them eat cake
You can’t go to France without eating a pastry and the ones in Le Touquet will make your mouth water. With so many varieties, what you eat is only limited by the days you have and your fat-meter conscience.

Catch of the day
On your way back to London, stop at Calais’ Aquar’ Aile restaurant (255 Rue Jean Moulin, Calais) for a mouth-watering seafood meal and views of the English Channel and Cote d’Opale. The menu is based on seasonal and regional produce. The dishes are a work of art and the dessert will make you weak at the knees.

Another thing

Slot machine galore
The casino, while it claims to have been the inspiration for Casino Royale, is best avoided; that is unless you like poker machines and overpriced drinks.

Brain freeze
Forget about the calories and get yourself an ice-cream. Everyone’s doing it so you’ll find it hard to resist the dairy goodness. There are ice-cream stands all over the place.

Sunsets by the sea
It’s not called Paris by the Sea for nothing. The sun sets over the water so get yourself down to beach before dusk with a crispy cold bottle of rose and a towel and watch the colorful show.

Super sandcastles
If you’ve never been to Egypt, you can get an of what the sandy country looks like at Le Touquet’s Sand Sculpture: the Magic of Egypt. Get in quick though because the exhibition is only open until September 30. Entry costs €8.

• Amanda Tomlinson travelled to Le Touquet with Sea France (0871 22 22 500). Any duration Dover-Calais ferry crossings start from £38 each way for a car and up to five passengers. A day trip starts from £29 return for a car and up to five assengers. Foot passenger fares are from £6 return.