A West Coast pub owner says he will shout the All Whites free drinks for a week if they manage to win the World Cup. But even he is sure his booze will stay put.

The competition kicks off on Saturday in South Africa and the All Whites will play their first game, against Slovakia, on June 15.

Grant Smith, who runs the Big Fish Hotel in Granity, 32km north-east of Westport, said he planned to write to All Whites’ coach Ricki Herbert and captain Ryan Nelsen to give them some extra motivation for the tournament.

Asked if he thought the All Whites would win the Cup, he said: ”Not at all.”

”There’s a very outside chance we’ll get through the first round but that will be it.”

The TAB is offering odds of 1000:1 of the All Whites winning the Cup.

Meanwhile, the All Whites’ campaign in South Africa started in a bizarre fashion when their first training was cut short because of the thick wood and coal fire smog from the surrounding Daveyton township.

Just before the team arrived a solid, smelly fog descended on the pitch of Sinaba Stadium and made it difficult to breath or even see the corner flags.

The All Whites are scheduled to have all their training session at the Sinaba Stadium and Herbert had no plans to change venue. It is doubtful however whether another night session will be on the menu.

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